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Berlin Tegel Airport

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Main Hub of
Air Berlin

Annual Passenger Number
21 005 215

About Berlin Tegel Airport and reasons for flight delay or cancellation at the airport.

Also called "Otto Lilienthal", it is the fourth-largest airport in Germany with over 21 million passengers a year. Besides Berlin-Schönefeld, the airport is in the capital and it accommodates international flights. Europe-wide, Berlin-Tegel occupies 27th place with its passenger numbers and is the home airport of Air Berlin. Due to its central location, the airport is very popular and there has been a steady increase in the number of flights landing and taking off. And as a result of the increased complexity, flight delays and flight cancellations are becoming more rampant. Inadequate financial plans of some of the big airlines such as Air Berlin, play a massive role in accumulation of flight delays and cancellations.

What you can do while waiting.

It is important to collect valuable details about the flight delay or cancellation. The best way to go about this is by filling out one of the standard forms which confirms the flight delay or cancellation as well as the reason behind it. Receipts and photos of the display panel could also be useful in the long run. However, there could still be more time after doing all of this. You can then grab a cup of coffee or do some shopping. Something to help ease the stress.

Basic Claims

Delays and cancellations are obviously frustrating and hard to deal with but there are a couple of things you could do while waiting to ease built up tension and stress. You are entitled to flight replacement if the originally booked one is cancelled. You can also apply for a refund if you so desire.
In a situation where you have to wait for about 2 hours or more, the airline has to make provision for snacks and drinks. In addition, you are allowed access to 2 Telephone calls. This becomes invaluable when you have a flat phone battery.

Your Rights as an

According to the European Passenger Rights Regulation, a Passenger is entitled to compensation if a flight is delayed for more than 3 hours or if a flight cancelled without at least a 14 days notice before scheduled departure date. However, the airline is not responsible for delays or cancellations as a result of exceptional circumstances such as strikes or storm.

Life is Easier with us

In order to enforce a compensation claim against the airlines, you need to have vast knowledge of how things work. It is time consuming and sometimes takes months to get a reply from the airlines and then up to one year before payment is made if your case is successfully appealed by a Lawyer in the law court. If you will like to save yourself the stress and trouble associated with doing it on your own, send your flight details to wirkaufendeinenflug.de and we will check your claims for free. If after evaluation your claim is valid, we will make you an offer which is transferred directly into your account within 3 - 24 hours * upon agreement.

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