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Stockholm Airport

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About Stockholm Airport and reasons for flight delay or cancellation at the airport.

This is an international airport located in the Sigtuna Municipality of Sweden. It is located within Stockholm county and the province of Uppland. It is the largest in Sweden and the third-largest in the Nordic countries. The airport is used annually by around 20 million people. With high passenger and flight numbers, it is difficult to eradicate flight delays or cancellations completely. Circumstances such as illness of a crew member, technical defects or bad weather can all lead to a delay or cancellation.

What you can do while waiting.

To use the nerve-racking waiting time efficiently, Passengers are advised to get proof of the flight delay or cancellation in writing from the airline authorities while also ensuring that reason(s) for the delay or cancellation is clearly stated.The essence of doing this is to make it easier to enforce your claims. Passengers could still go shopping. Stockholm airport offers a good selection of shops, cafes and restaurants where food and drinks can be bought.

Your Rights as an

The only good thing that comes with a flight delay or cancellation is that you may be eligible for compensation. This has been made possible by the European Passenger Rights Regulation. The amount payable isn’t dependent or reliant on the ticket price but the flight distance. What this means is that you may end up getting more than the ticket price as compensation. It must be noted however that compensation can only be paid to passengers whose flight has been delayed for at least 3 hours or passengers whose flight is cancelled without prior notification of at least 14 days before scheduled departure date. Airlines are usually held responsible for all but exceptional cases of a flight delay or cancellation. Such cases include bird strikes or storms

Life is easier with Us

Battling the airline on your own usually does not yield fruit. Success is only achieved by filing a lawsuit which could sometimes take up to one year before resolution is reached.
We can save you the stress and time. All you have to do is submit your claim on wirkaufendeinenflug.de and we will evaluate your claims. If found to be valid or legitimate, we will make you an offer which is payable within 3 - 24 hours * upon agreement.

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