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About Oslo Airport and reasons for flight delay or cancellation at the airport.

It is the main international airport serving Oslo, the capital city of the most populous city in Norway. Oslo airport is not only the largest in Norway with almost 23 million passengers a year, but also one of the 20 largest in Europe. It is the main domestic hub and international airport for Norway and is the second-busiest airport in the nordic countries. A hub for scandinavian Airlines, an operating base for Norwegian Air shuttle and a focus city for Wideroe. It connects to 28 domestic and about 115 international destinations. With such high number of passenger inflow and outflow, Flight delays and cancellations has also been on the increase. The reasons are varied from airline to airline but generally, technical defect, illness of a crew member or bad weather are all causes of a flight delay or cancellation.

What you can do while waiting.

It is highly recommended that passengers use the waiting time productively. The best practice is to collect proof of the flight delay or cancellation from the airline officials while also ensuring that reasons for the delay or cancellation is clearly stated. The essence of doing this is to help ease the process of laying compensation claims. In a situation where passengers are being delayed for around 2 hours, the airline must make snacks and drinks available.

Your Rights as an

According to the EU Passenger Rights Regulation, Passengers whose flight has been delayed for at least 3 hours or passengers whose flight has been cancelled without prior notice of at least 14 days before scheduled departure date are all eligible for compensation. Airlines are usually held responsible except in event of exceptional circumstances such as strikes or storms. Even though Norway is not a member of the EU, flights to and from Norway are still covered by the European Air passenger rights regulation.

Life is easier with Us

It is often very difficult fighting for this claims on your own as the airlines will be more than happy to refer to the extraordinary circumstances as reason for the delay or cancellation which is not always true. Success is only recorded with the help of a Lawyer in a lay court which usually takes close to one year. We can help alleviate the stress. All you need to do is submit your claim on wirkaufendeinenflug.de and we will evaluate your claim. If found to be valid, we will make you an offer which is transferred directly into your account within 3 - 24 hours upon agreement

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