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About Nürnberg Airport and reasons for flight delay or cancellation at the airport.

It is the international airport of the Franconian metropolitan area of Nuremberg and the second-busiest airport in Bavaria after Munich airport. Around 3.3 million passengers travel via Nürnberg airport annually. Due to the steady increase in passenger numbers, flight delays and cancellations is becoming even more frequent. Bad weather condition, technical defects or illness of a crew member can all bring about a flight delay or cancellation

What you can do while waiting.

If you are held up at the airport due to a flight delay or cancellation, there are duty free shops and cafes where passengers can relax but it is recommended that you use the waiting time to collect proof of the flight delay or cancellation in writing from the airline officials while also ensuring that the reason(s) for delay or cancellation is clearly stated.

Your rights as an air-passenger and how we can assist you.

If you are affected by a flight cancellation, you are basically entitled to a replacement transport. If you are not offered a suitable alternative after a flight cancellation, you can also reclaim the ticket price and make the booking yourself. In a situation where passengers have to wait at least 2 hours at the airport in Nürnberg due to a delay or cancellation, the airline has to make snacks and drinks available. The most interesting part of it all is that you may be entitled to some compensations if your flight has been delayed for at least 3 hours or cancelled without at least 14 days prior notification before scheduled departure date. Amount payable is solely dependent on flight distance and not ticket price and airlines are held responsible for delays and cancellations in all but exceptional circumstances such as bird strike or storm.

Often times, airlines refuse to make payments except when they are dragged to court by the passenger which can take up to a year for a resolution to be reached. We can help you resolve that in less than 24 hours *. Simply submit your claim on wirkaufendeinenflug.de and we will evaluate it. If found to be valid after evaluation, we will make you an offer which is transferred directly into your account within 3 - 24 hours * upon agreement.

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