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About Brussels Airport and reasons for flight delay or cancellation at the airport.

Flight delays and cancellations are no longer a rarity in Europe as 23% of flights are delayed by at least 15 minutes. Brussels Airport is being used by almost 19 million passengers annually. Which such a high number of Passengers, Flight delays and cancellations are inevitable. Generally speaking, technical defects on the aircraft or problems with the crew members are usually the causes of flight delays and cancellations.

What you can do while waiting.

It is often advised that passengers use the waiting time productively by collecting proof of the delay or cancellation from the airline authorities. Most airlines have their own forms so you can simply request to be given one. Kindly ensure that the reason(s) behind the delay or cancellation is clearly stated. The essence of doing this to to help make it easier when trying to enforce claims for compensation.
Brussels Airport offers a wide selection of bars, restaurants and shops where you can spend your waiting time.

Your Rights as an

Flight delays and cancellations is oftentimes exasperating and annoying but the good news is that you may be entitled to some compensations according to the European Passenger Rights Regulation. This is only possible if flight delay lasts for at least 3 hours or if there was no prior notice of flight cancellation; usually 14 days before scheduled departure date and amount payable is solely dependent on the flight distance and not the ticket price. Exceptional cases exist where you are entitled to no claims if the flight delay or cancellation was as a result of bird strikes or storms.

Life is easier with Us

In order to enforce a compensation claim against the airlines, you need to have vast knowledge of how things work. It is time consuming and sometimes takes months to get a reply from the airlines and then up to one year before payment is made if your case is successfully appealed by a Lawyer in the law court. If you will like to save yourself the stress and trouble associated with doing it on your own, send your flight details to wirkaufendeinenflug.de and we will check your claims for free. If after evaluation your claim is valid, we will make you an offer which is transferred directly into your account within 3 - 24 hours * upon agreement.

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