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Bremen Airport

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Annual Passenger Number
2 660 000

About Bremen Airport and reasons for flight delay or cancellation at the airport.

It is used annually by around 2.6 million passengers and the number has been on the increase. As a result of this rising passenger numbers and the increasingly scarce calculations by the airlines, flight delays and cancellations are becoming even more alarming. Statistics has it that about 23 percent of flights nationwide are at least 15 minutes late. Reasons for flight delays and cancellation can range from technical defects to crew incompetency.

What you can do while waiting.

Flight delays or cancellations are oftentimes associated with burdensome waiting times for the passenger and managing this can sometimes be difficult. However, this waiting should be well used. There are duty free shops there in the airport where you can go for shopping but it is strongly advised you try to get proof of the flight delay or cancellation. The airlines have a form for this. Kindly also ensure that the reason(s) for the flight delay or cancellation is clearly stated in the form. It is also important that you take pictures of the display panel on which the notice is shown.

Basic Claims

The airline in question is mandated to give you snacks and drinks for an involuntary 2-Hour waiting time at the airport and if flight is eventually cancelled, provision of a replacement flight should be made available.

Your Rights as an Air-Passenger and how we can assist you

If you have been affected by a flight delay or cancellations, there is only one thing you can do; ask to be compensated. This compensations can sometimes be way above the ticket price but to be eligible for compensation, your flight must have been delayed for at least 3 hours.Same applies in cases of flight cancellations. You stand a better chance of getting compensated if you weren’t informed 2 weeks before departure date of an imminent cancellation. Exceptional cases abound where the airline cannot be held responsible for delayed or cancelled flight. Cases such as storms or bird strikes.

Often times, trying to sort it out yourself takes a whole lot of time and mental strength but with Wirkaufenenflug.de, you are rest assured of being compensated with minimal stress and with little or no worries. We pay you within 3 - 24 hours * after we must have verified your claims and you get to keep this money no matter what happens eventually.

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