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About Tap Portugal and Reasons for flight Delays and Cancellations

TAP Portugal is the flag carrier airline of Portugal, headquartered at Lisbon Airport which also serves as its hub. TAP (Transportes Aéreos Portugueses) is a member of the Star Alliance and operates on average 2,500 flights a week to 76 destinations in 29 countries worldwide. The company has a fleet of 80 airplanes, 63 of which was manufactured by Airbus and the remaining 17 by Embraer and ATR, operating on behalf of the sub-brand TAP Express. Just recently, the airline was named one of the safest airlines and this is because they take no chances when slight issues arise. Delays and cancellation of flights are experienced quite often when flying with Tap Portugal. Reasons for this include illness of one or more number of crew members, technical defects, Bird strikes and storms.

Your Rights as an

Ever since the introduction of the European Passenger Rights Regulation Act, flight delays and cancellations has reduced drastically and this is because Airlines are made to pay compensation to affected Passengers. Compensation is paid if a flight is delayed for at least 3 hours or cancelled without prior notification of at least 14 days before scheduled departure date and amount payable is solely dependent on the flight distance and not the ticket price. Airlines would normally inform passengers of an imminent cancellation on time and in a situation where more than 14 days notice is given , the Airline is then mandated to make an alternative flight available without offering monetary compensation. It must be noted however that Airlines are not held responsible if flight delay or cancellation is as a result of exceptional circumstances such as Bird strikes or storms.

Life is easier with Us

Being eligible for compensation is one thing, getting your due compensation is where the problem lies and this is because Airlines do their possible best to ensure that payment of remuneration isn’t made or is delayed to the point where the passenger gets frustrated and finally drops the case. We at wirkaufendeinenflug.de specialize in helping Air-passengers get their due compensation the easy way and we can help you resolve this in less than 24 hours *. Simply submit your claim online and we will gladly evaluate it at no cost. If found valid, we will make you an offer which is transferred directly into your account within 3 - 24 hours * upon agreement. You get to keep the money given no matter the eventual outcome of proceedings and the money given can sometimes be more than the original ticket price.

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