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Annual Passenger Number
3 080 000

About IcelandAir and Reasons for flight Delays and Cancellations

IcelandAir is the main airline of Iceland, headquartered at Reykjavík Airport in Reykjavík. It is part of the IcelandAir Group which during the summer of 2015, operated scheduled services to 39 cities in 16 countries on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean out of its hub at Keflavík International Airport. Iceland is considered one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Every year, many Germans travel to Iceland for vacation and tourism. IcelandAir flies to Iceland from the cities of Frankfurt am Main, Munich and Hamburg. With a record of around 3 million passengers annually, delays and cancellation of flights has been totally unavoidable. Reasons for flight failures include illness of one or more members of crew, technical defects, unavailability of aircraft, bird strikes and storms.

Your Rights as an

Icelandair is obligated to immediately notify passengers of an impending flight cancellation. If more than 14 days notice is given, then the airline is mandated to make provision for a replacement airline and the passenger can then decide to choose if they want to accept it or ask for a refund of money. But in a situation where a flight is cancelled without at least a 14 days prior notification, then the passenger is entitled to additional monetary compensation. Remunerations are also given when a flight is delayed for at least 3 hours and the amount payable is solely dependent on the flight distance and not the ticket price. It must be noted however that Airlines are not mandated to pay for compensation when a flight is delayed or cancelled as a result of exceptional circumstances such as bird strikes and storms.

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