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Home Airport
Moscow Sheremetyevo

Annual Passenger Number
34 700 000

About Airoflot and Reasons for flight Delays and Cancellations

Aeroflot - It is one of the oldest Airlines in the world and was the largest airline in the world during the Soviet era. It is the flag carrier and the largest Airline of the Russian Federation and transports around 11 million passengers annually. The carrier operates domestic and international passenger services, mainly from its hub at Sheremetyevo International Airport. Recently, the company embarked on a fleet modernization program, extensive route restructuring and an image overhaul. All these being done at the same time has led to numerous flight delays and cancellation; denying passengers of quality and hitch-free service.

Your Rights as an

The EU passenger rights regulation no. 261/2004, which was introduced in 2004, has helped to cut down on flight delays and cancellations a great deal. Passengers are entitled to compensation if a flight is delayed for at least 3 hours or canceled without prior notification of at least 14 days before scheduled flight departure date. Additionally, if passengers have an involuntary waiting time of around 2 hours,the airline must make provision for snacks and drinks as well as access to 2 phone calls. It is very important to get proof of the flight delay or cancellation in writing from the airline employees while waiting. Photos of the display screen where details of the mishap is being shown can be taken as well.This would go a long way in helping ensure you get your compensation.

Life is easier with Us

Recognising you have a claim is one thing while winning the case against Aeroflot is another. Usually, delay tactics are employed to get passengers frustrated and then finally drop the case. To save yourself this nerve-racking experience, simply submit your claim for evaluation on wirkaufendeineflug.de. If found to be valid, we will make you an instant offer which is payable within 3 - 24 hours * upon agreement. You get to keep this money no matter the eventual outcome of proceedings

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