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About Adria Airways and Reasons for flight Delay or Cancellation

Adria Airways which was formerly known as Inex-Adria Airways is the largest airline in Slovenia with over 1 million Air-passengers annually. The Airline handles 26 destinations across the whole of Europe and has been a member of the Star Alliance Group since 2004. The company’s head office is in Ljubljana Airport in Zgornji Brnik. The company has also representative offices in Brussels, Moscow, Frankfurt, Zurich and sales agents in almost all European countries. The Airline also operates charter flights for the most past of the season and its most frequent destination is the Mediterranean. Flight delays and cancellations cannot be entirely taken away from airlines. Reasons for flight delays and cancellations include illness of one or more number of crew members, technical defects, Bird Strikes or storms and even inability of Airlines to handle high passenger population.

Your Rights as an

Should you ever fall victim of a delayed or cancelled flight, you are entitled to a compensation but of course, this is dependent on how long you are made to wait at the airport. Compensation can only be paid to passengers whose flight is cancelled without prior notification of at least 14 days before scheduled departure date or passengers whose flight is delayed for at least 3 hours. In a situation where a flight is cancelled, Airlines are mandated to make replacement flights available to passengers and the passengers have every right to either accept the replacement or ask for a full refund of money. When it has been determined that a passenger is eligible for compensation, the amount payable is solely dependent on the flight distance and not on the ticket price and is often times higher than than the original ticket price. It must be noted however that Airlines are not held responsible for flight delays or cancellations that is as a result of exceptional circumstances such as Bird strikes or Storms.

Life is easier with Us

It is a well known fact that Airlines do all they can to ensure that compensation payment isn't made to passengers. They would rather offer travel vouchers than hand out the monetary equivalent which is oftentimes less than what is actually obtainable. Success is only recorded when legal action is taken or with the help of professional bodies like wirkaufendeinenflug.de whose job it is to help fight for Air-Passenger rights. The only problem with taking legal actions is that it takes a lot of time for a resolution to be reached. Wirkaufendeinenflug.de can help you resolve this in less than 24 hours *. All you have to do is submit your claims online for evaluation. If found valid, we will make you an instant offer which is transferred directly into your account within 3 - 24 hours * upon agreement. You get to keep the money given no matter the eventual outcome of proceedings.

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